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ARCUS Supplier Information Management (SIM). Supplier Management System, Supplier Pre-Qualification System, Contractor Management System, Vendor Accreditation System.


Questionnaire categories are selected by contractorsThe heart of ARCUS SIM is the fully configurable online questionnaire. In addition to a general questionnaire that captures information that is common to all categories of supplier (name, address etc), a series of category specific questionnaires are created that capture the unique requirements of any category you wish to manage.

All suppliers will complete the general questionnaire and then go on to select the specific categories that they provide goods or services for. This could be for plumbers, pilots, health care professionals, riggers, IT professionals etc. There is no restriction on the types of categories that can be established.
Questionnaire Configuration and Flexibility

ARCUS supplier questionnaires are configured to your unique requirements

The SIM questionnaire sub-system is highly flexible so that it can be configured to meet the needs of any organisation. SIM setup and configuration is undertaken directly by the ARCUS team using an established methodology that ensures your business requirements are accurately reflected.

These are the some of the system's questionnaire capabilities that go into producing a supplier management system that is right for your organisation:
  • Multiple questionnaire categories (plumbers, pilots etc).
  • Multiple sections per questionnaire for ease of navigation and increased flexibility.
  • Multiple question types (Option, Multi-Choice, Yes / No, Note, Table, Date etc).
  • Mandatory questions to prevent submission of incomplete questionnaires.
  • Parent - Child (branching) capability to hide or reveal questions or groups of questions based on previous answers
  • Question Classes to allow classification of questions to only appear for certain 'classes' of suppliers such as High Business Risk, High Safety Risk, Services Supplier, Product Supplier.
  • Question Classes are defined to suit the needs of your organisation.
  • Multiple document attachments for insurance certificates, licenses, course completions etc.
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