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ARCUS Supplier Information Management (SIM). Supplier Management System, Supplier Pre-Qualification System, Contractor Management System, Vendor Accreditation System.


Working With Suppliers

Inviting Suppliers

ARCUS Supplier Management has easy to use dashboards so you can see the status of all suppliers ARCUS SIM provides two methods for inviting suppliers to register:
  • Push: Contact details from your existing supplier list or ERP system are imported into ARCUS SIM using an Excel template. These suppliers are then sent invitations (selectively or in bulk) and login details to complete the relevant online questionnaires.

  • Pull: Prospective suppliers can register and profile themselves on the system after selecting a link on your website. When the time comes to refresh or add more of a particular category of supplier you simply use system to discover all registered suppliers that meet your requirements.
Approving Suppliers
ARCUS pre-qualified supplier approval system Once suppliers have submitted their completed questionnaires they are then ready for review and approval. The system can be setup to manage the supplier approval process in three different ways:
  • Workflow driven approvals

  • Dashboard driven approvals

  • Report driven approvals
Workflow driven approvals automatically manage the passage of a supplier's application through a series of approvers using a pre-defined process flow configured to suit your organisation's requirements.

Supplier Updates
Suppliers maintain their own information using online forms The need for a supplier to update their information can be triggered by a number of events:
  • Automatic date driven compliance update - e.g. insurance or license renewal
  • Supplier requested update - e.g. change of contact or change of address
  • Update driven by your organisation - e.g. new compliance question or category refresh
  • For automatically generated compliance updates the system will send an e-mail to the supplier advising them of the need to update their information.
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