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Supplier Performance Management

What is ARCUS Supplier Performance Management?

ARCUS Supplier Performance Management is a powerful supplier performance management tool that allows businesses to proactively monitor and analyse the performance of existing suppliers. Using a collaborative and 360° approach, the ARCUS Supplier Performance Management module engages suppliers and stakeholders across the organisation to complete questionnaires and surveys relating to supplier performance. This scoring and comparable data gives improved visibility of the performance of each supplier, helping to benchmark supplier performance, implement best practice performance strategies, improve supplier performance and make more informed sourcing decisions.

Benefits of Using Supplier Performance Management
  • A more proactive approach to monitoring and tracking supplier performance.
  • A streamlined, consistant and transparent process.
  • Genuine visibility of supplier performance and capabilities.
  • Early identification of supplier issues.
  • Single source of supplier information to be shared across the organisation.
How ARCUS Supplier Performance Management works

Based on a client's current or planned supplier performance process(es) we actively map and build a Scorecard template questionnaire. Each supplier is assigned an individual scorecard and suppliers and stakeholders from across the organisation are invited to rate supplier performance against pre-determined criteria. Using the information gathered companies are able to run side-by-side comparison reports, highlighting differences in scoring between the business and suppliers. Supplier Performance Management enforces a streamlined approach to collating supplier information providing a central storage of consistent and comparable data, early identification of supplier issues and more detailed and accurate sourcing decisions.

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